How to manage money,
for tech workers

Learn the optimal way to save, invest, and secure your financial future from a series of short posts with interactive graphs.

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Who needs this website?

Tech workers who aren't confident in how they are managing their money.

In particular, if you don't learn the basics, you might be screwing up your finances (and your future plans). Educate yourself! Some indicators this website might be useful to you:

  • You're not sure if you've set up your 401k, IRAs, or insurance policies correctly
  • You're nervous about the current stock market conditions
  • You're skeptical of your financial advisor's advice or of how much you're paying them
  • You haven't given much thought to your savings rate, investments or asset allocation

How does this website compare to other financial blogs?

This site was designed specifically for tech workers, by a tech worker like you.

Most financial information is written for a general audience. As a software engineer, I spent a lot of time wading through this advice, figuring out which portions applied to me, and filling in the gaps when it didn't.

Frankly, tech workers are in different circumstances than the average person. Learning about personal finance from a website targeted at tech workers makes it faster and easier to get up to speed.

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